How to resize Icons & Images easily in Android Studio

UPDATE [May 25th, 2020]: The newer version of the ADI plugin is compatible with Android Studio 3.6 and above

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how easily you can resize the icons and images for every screen size (hdpi,mdpi,xhdpi e.t.c) using the plugin Android Drawable Importer.

Installing the plugin

Download the installation zip from here, open your Android Studio and go Android Studio > Preferences… (Mac OS) or File > Preferences… (Windows)

In the new window, choose Plugins from the left column > press on the little gear icon and select Install Plugin from Disk…

Select the zip file you downloaded before, and press Open

After the installation, press Restart IDE

Using the plugin

To use the plugin, all you need is the icon in the largest size, for example, if you want to add an icon on the top right of your activity, the size of this icon needs to be 192×192 pixels to support the largest screen(xxxhdpi).

Go to the drawable folder (or whatever folder you want to put it in), and right click > New > Batch Drawable Import

Press the + button

Select your image

In the new window, choose XXXHDPI as Source-Resolution and press OK

and that’s it!

If you have any questionsplease feel free to leave a comment below

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When calling the selected imaged that now has 5 different images… do we just have to call it once? or we have to to call each image with its new different size ?


I loaded this plugin, but it makes the size so bigger. For example, the original size of the image is 150 kb, but its size in xxhdpi drawable directory is almost more 4 times. I don’t know how to adjust the picture without ruining the quality. before using this plugging, the size of my android directory was smaller