How to Create an Account on MoPub

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an account on MoPub step by step and gain their approval in the ‘Marketplace‘.

What is the MoPub Marketplace?

On MoPub, ‘Marketplace‘ is the area where you can get ads from advertisers who paying MoPub to display their ads, like AdMob.

MoPub doesn’t require to approve your app the in ‘Marketplace‘ to have ads. You can use it only as through a system called Mediation.

What is MoPub Mediation?

MoPub Mediation allows publishers (app developers) to make ad requests to multiple ad networks(e.g. AdMob, Vungle, Facebook Network Audience) to maximize revenue and increase the fill rate.

Creating Account

First, go to and press the Get Started button at the top-right corner to create a new account:

In the next page, press the Sign up today button…

In the new page, we fill in our details and press the Sign Up button:

Next, a new page will appear saying that we need to verify our email address:

Adding the app to the MoPub Dashboard

After we verified our email by pressing the verification link inside the email, it’s time to add our app on the MoPub Dashboard by pressing the button titled “Set up a published app“:

In our example, we don’t have our published app yet, so we’re choosing the option that says “My app is on the Kindle App Store or it’s unpublished“:

And now we enter our data for our app and we press Save & continue:

In our example we add an Android App, so we add the package name of our app.

If we were adding an iOS app, we have to put the Bundle ID of our app.

Getting Approved in MoPub Marketplace

As I said at the beginning of this tutorial, you don’t need to get approved to integrate MoPub to your app. You can use MoPub as just Mediation, but it’s good to have one more Ad Network to serve ads to your app.

First, our app must be published on the AppStore, Google Play Store or Kindle Store, and need to have a Privacy Policy link.

Next, we need to add our payment details, so when we earn revenue from their ads (Marketplace), they need to know where to send it:

Go to the MarketPlace at the top of the MoPub Dashboard and press the Set up payments button:

In the new page, we will fill out all our information, and then we press Next:

In the second step, we can choose which method we want to get paid with. For US citizens, there are two methods: Direct Deposit/ACH and Paypal. For other countries there may be different methods of getting paid.

In this example, we use the PayPal method:

Next, we have to select our tax form:

If you live in the United States, choose the W9 tax form.

If you are an individual (indie developer) and you live outside the United States, choose W-8BEN or select Other and choose 8233

If you are a corporation or company and you are outside the United States, choose W-8BEN-E.

Don’t worry; we’ll cover both cases (W9 and W-8BEN/W-8BEN-E)

Choose your tax form and press Complete Form

For more information about what to choose, see the MoPub Documentation.

Filling a W9 Tax Form

If you are a US citizen and live in the United States, this is the tax form you have to fill out:

Filling the W-8BEN/W-8BEN-E Tax Form

If you’re living outside the US (e.g. Sweden), this is the right tax form you have to fill out.

In this page, check the checkbox, type your full name and press Submit, Continue to Tax Form

In the next step, fill out all your details:

Next, fill in your U.S Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Foreign Tax Identifying Number, as of 1 January 2018, US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and press Continue.

In the next section, Claim of Treaty Benefits (Part II), we have to put our Country where we live and press Continue:

Next, we review all the details we filled in before and check we typed everything correctly, and press Continue:


At the end, we see the following page:

Now we wait for the MoPub Team to review our request. Usually takes 2-3 business days.

That’s it!!

If you have any questionsplease feel free to leave a comment below

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