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Muhammad Atif Ali

how can i save the once logged in user data in my application or firebase?


how do i refresh the token

Chuck Smallwood

It might be hepful to some (like me) if when launching the app it first checked to see if a user is already logged in and only presented the login button if that is not the case – otherwise launch logout instead

Chuck Smallwood

All of a sudden getting a ‘failed to transform play-services-base-17.1.0.aar’ error when the play services auth line is implemented – was not doing this until late yesterday (was working)? I tried this in a stock “empty activity” both with and without that implementation. App runs without the line but not with it. Several searches about it have produced no working solution. Any sugestions?

Chuck Smallwood

Thanks for the speedy reply! As far as your #1) Yes, the google() is in the project-level gradle and your #2) I had seen this as a possible solution while looking around last nite and attempted to correct the issue that way to no avail. Was rather odd as the project was working yesterday afternoon. I inadvertently had deleted the app from my phone, went back into Android Studio and re-ran the app to install it again and it never got past that error. Just FYI: After going through that last nite, I created another test project to see what would happen. Prior to adding the play services auth line it launched as it should; put that implementation in: fails – i did notice that the current version of that auth is now 19.0.0 so i tried changing that too (you show 17.0.0 I think?) but made no difference.

Chuck Smallwood

I think I may have resolved the issue:

There was an update to both Android Studio and some of the plugins that went in yesterday (just dawned on me). As a result, the plugin: ‘kotlin-android-extensions’ is deprecated and needed to be removed (in the app level build.gradle file).

Additionally, in the app level build.gradle file, the following needed to be added in the android section (after completing these changes and sync of gradle – app once again launched normally [bold portion below is what needed to be added]):

android {


buildFeatures {

viewBinding true